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8 Solving at CeMat, Germany Jim
At the CeMat -exhibition in Hanover 11-15 October 2005 Solving will show a laser-guided AGV demonstrator and also a manual air film-based Mover.

Solving's driverless AGV Movers are designed for continuous industrial use and suitable for handling loads weighing a few kilograms up to hundred tonnes or more.
Solving AGV Movers are used in a variety of industries, such as automotive, aerospace, heavy machines, paper and printing, and even shipbuilding.

At CeMat Solving will show a laser-guided AGV equipped with the latest laser guidance technique.
Also other guidance methods can be chosen, such as inductive or mechanical guidance.
The type of navigation method to be used depends on varying factors such as the customer's requirements, mode of application, transport frequency, existing facilities and of course the price of the installation.

Although most Solving handling devices are custom-made solutions for specific handling requirements, Solving also provides simpler standard equipment - mostly based on air bearings - for various handling requirements.
Such equipment, e.g. a manually operated air film-based Mover will also be shown at the exhibition.

Our stand number is 011 G06.
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