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The Solving Package
We work in close cooperation with our customers from advisory service through the whole process to after-sales. To enable us to install material handling equipment that meet our customer’s requirements we have established a network of suppliers in a variety of fields, like welding, machining, painting, energy supply, pneumatics, drive units, remote controls and automation controls. Together with the well-established network of suppliers, our design, production commissioning and after sales teams ensure that we keep our promises.
Christmas Greetings
Upgraded air film Mover
AGVs installed at Teknos
AGVs installed at Stora En...
Scandinavian Technical Fai...
More AGVs to Teknos
Finntec, Helsinki
Solving at Finntec 2008
Technology Previewed

Air Film기술을 바탕으로 한 운반대차, 자동항법 대차, 바퀴식 또는 레일식 시스템 등은 고객과 협의하여 가장 적합한 최선의 기술을 선택합니다.

Solving Air Film Technology
Automated Guided Vehicles
Wheel-based handling solutions

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